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Contact Details

Contacting us by email is quick and easy - just send your query to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you would like to write to us, our postal address is:

Norton Archers
Norton Sports & Social Club
Station Road
TS20 1PE

Email, post and telephone

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Thank You Cards

In the three short years the club has been running we have received a number of thank you cards from beginners' course participants and club members alike (click for larger images):

Thank You Card 1 Front Page

Thank You Card 1 Inside Page

Thank You Card 2 Front Page

Thank You Card 2 Inside Page

Thank You Card 3 Front Page

Thank You Card 3 Inside Page

Thank You Card 4 Front Page

Thank You Card 4 Inside Page

Thank You Card 5 Front Page

Thank You Card 5 Inside Page

Who's Who At Norton Archers?

Chair icon

David McCullogh

Vice Chair icon

Vice Chair:
Simon Scott

Secretary icon

Nicola McCullogh

Vice Secretary icon

Vice Secretary:
Clare Smith

Treasurer icon

Phil Chaffer

Vice Treasurer icon

Vice Treasurer:
Paul Atherton

Equipment Officer icon

Equipment Officer:
Jon Kelsey

Records Officer icon

Records Officer:
John Cumming

Child Protection Officer icon

Child Protection Officer:
Lynsey Swales

Tournament Organiser icon

Tournament Organiser:
David Pybus

General Committee Members icon

General Committee Members:
Mark Chaffer and Lisa Kelsey

Coaching Team

Coaches icon

Head Coach:
Dave Kelsey

Level 2 Coaches:
Dave Kelsey
Nicola McCullogh

Level 1 Coaches:
Lisa Gilbert
Elaine Kelsey
Jon Kelsey
Lisa Kelsey
David McCullogh

Archery Leaders:
Nigel Newbury

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