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All of our club sessions and beginners' courses take place at Norton Sports Charity. The map below shows the location of the sports complex, but please follow the photo directions underneath to find exactly where we shoot as it's a big place with lots of buildings!

Details of how to get in touch with us, Frequently Asked Questions and who's who at Norton Archers can also be found at the bottom of this page.


Map of Norton

Directions, Photo 1

Directions, Photo 2

Directions, Photo 3

Directions, Photo 4

Directions, Photo 5

1. The club's postcode (TS20 1PE) will take you to Station Road, Norton. If you follow the road you will come to CiC@74, as shown in the photo above; this is the bar on the sports complex where we hold presentations of medals and trophies following competitions, and it's also a great place for a chat after club sessions! To get to our indoor and outdoor ranges, however, keep going past the entrance to the bar, as shown.

2. Very quickly after passing CiC@74, you will come to The Norton Tavern, also on the left-hand side of the road. Turn up the road between The Norton Tavern and the railway line, as shown in the photo above; if you cross the railway line, you've gone too far.

3. Keep going up the road running parallel to the railway line.

4. When you reach the end of the road, turn left into the car park. The building shown in the photo above is our indoor range, the Avery Cricket Centre, where all beginners' sessions, have-a-go sessions and indoor club sessions take place.

In the outdoor season we most often shoot on the field behind the cricket centre so please enter the building and go through the door on the left in order to make your way through onto the field. At other times we shoot on a field over the railway line depending on the fixtures of other sports; in this case, please park in the same car park and cross the footbridge shown at the right of the photo, and you'll soon see the targets!

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Get In Touch!


Contacting us by email is quick and easy - if your question isn't answered in our Frequently Asked Questions list below, just send your query to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you would like to write to us, our postal address is:

Norton Archers
74 Station Road
TS20 1PE

Email and post

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Frequently Asked Questions

As one of the largest and most active archery clubs in the North East, we receive a lot of emails! Here is a collection of the most common queries - if your question doesn't feature, please contact us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


How do I sign up for a beginners' course?
Please see our dedicated beginners page for information on the process to follow when signing up for a beginners' course, the current waiting list for courses, the current cost of a course, what the course covers over the five-week period, etc.


When and where do you shoot?
A map to Norton Sports Charity, where we shoot during both the indoor and outdoor seasons, is provided above. Please see our dedicated sessions page for information on our current club session times (please note that these change for the indoor and outdoor seasons, as explained on the sessions page). Beginners' course sessions take place on Sundays; see the beginners page for more information.


I used to shoot with another archery club and am now looking to take up the sport again at Norton Archers; how do I go about this?
Please email us and let us know how long ago you used to shoot and your level of experience.


How much is membership of the club?
Fees for juniors (8-17 years old) and all three categories of seniors (18-24, 25+ and archers with disabilities) are outlined in the following document, available in Microsoft Word format and PDF format.


How much does it cost per session?
Session fees - or, as we tend to call them in the archery world, 'line fees' - are outlined on the sessions page.


Does the club have equipment for me to hire before I buy my own?
The club has a range of different poundage bows for both right-eye-dominant and left-eye-dominant archers (as well as arrows, quivers, arm guards, finger tabs, etc.), and these are available to hire for 50p per session on top of the normal line fees (see question above). We recommend using club equipment following the completion of a beginners' course as you will still be settling into shooting; as you develop in your archery and start to think about buying your own equipment our coaches will be very happy to discuss this with you to help you find a bow that suits you... and most of all, one that you enjoy shooting :)


Who's Who At Norton Archers?

Chair icon

David McCullogh

Vice Chair icon

Vice Chair:
Paul Maddison

Secretary icon

Nicola McCullogh

Vice Secretary icon

Vice Secretary:
Rhiannon Beckett

Treasurer icon

Mike Arkwright

Vice Treasurer icon

Vice Treasurer:
Paul Nicholson

Head Coach icon

Head Coach:
David Kelsey

Equipment Officer icon

Equipment Officer:
Jon Kelsey

Records Officer icon

Records Officer:
Tony Cooper

Tournament Organiser icon

Tournament Organiser:
Mike Arkwright

New Members' Representative icon

New Members' Representative:
Jack Ezra

Junior Organiser icon

Junior Organiser:
Gilly Cooper

Safeguarding Officer icon

Safeguarding Officer:
Lynne Nicholson

Publicity Officer icon

Publicity Officer:
Jack Ezra

Webmaster icon

Clare Smith

General Committee Members icon

General Committee Members:
Louise Arkwright
Jim York

Coaching Team

Coaches icon

Level 2 Coaches:
Mike Hope
David Kelsey
Nicola McCullogh

Level 1 Coaches:
Rhiannon Beckett
Elaine Kelsey
Jon Kelsey
Lisa Kelsey
Paul Maddison
Will Maddison
David McCullogh
Jenni Parkin
Clare Smith
Jim York

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